What we do

The goal of SR is to re-tension the tissues in the body around correct structural integrity and streamline the human movement system. SR addresses the entire spectrum of human movement (all the way from limited mobility and extreme dysfunction to attaining maximum capacity with one's body). Results can be felt along the following lines: significant pain reduction, drop in stress levels, better circulation / lymphatic function, better aesthetics, increased flexibility, decreased body fat with increased muscle, and greater vitality.

Built off the Anatomy Trains model as presented by Tom Meyers, our ReAlignment system recognizes importance of the connective tissue called Fascia and the balance of tension between all the different muscles throughout the body as they all work in a highly integrated manner.

The system consists of 5 Tiers that graduate people from the ground up. We don't skip steps and we don't haphazardly progress people through program design. It's a finely tuned process of individualizing the program for each person so maximum results are achieved in the quickest time frame.


Tier 1

Our very first goal is always to manage your pain and get you moving correctly. We take people all the way from immobility / chronic pain to then helping them manage their pain and initiating proper biomechanical movement

Tier 2

Now is we eliminate the pain completely.

Here is where we go dive deeply into the foundations of your specific misAlignments and incorrect movement patterns in order to address the issues at their root.

Tier 3

After successful completion of Tier 2, people graduate into Tier 3, which is Maintenance of their new found structures.

Tier 4 & 5

Many could stop here as this is the crossroads between getting pain free and moving correctly to moving in highly functional and explosive patterns.

These two Tiers are all about Movement, whether the goal is aesthetics or functional capacity with one's body.