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How has realignment changed my life?

Before realignment my body was in a catatonic state after work and studying long hours. The next day I could not move I use to dance as a cardio and a hobby but because I was not moving much throughout my daily life where it was beneficial to my own health this affected my flexibility. I would be stressed at work and have a tendency to tighten my muscles during stressful situations and whether I’m awake or asleep my stress ravaged every inch and fiber of my musculoskeletal regions. I did not feel healthy, or happy with the way things were going with my body.

Mo’s realignment system includes one on one training and education that my mind and body desperately needed. The answers to so many of my physical ailments that doctors could not fix, Realignment came in and resolved so many, if not all my problems.

He pin pointed my problem areas that were affecting my breathing, flexibility, constant inflammation with no relief. My shoulder blades, rib cage being concaved from a hunch over position and neck strains. Mo’s realignment system has not only released me from constant pain/ inflammation but decreased an immense amount of mental stress. I believe in his system whole heartedly and it stopped me from taking prescription medications doctors prescribed me. I feel like myself again but when I was 20 years old at dance performances and the amount of flexibility I had then doesn’t compare to the way I can move now. Thanks to Mo’s Realignment system I can breathe easy, and I feel so much fluidity to my blood circulation. Realignment was and always will be the catalyst to optimum health for my body. Thank you Mo, you are a life savior.

Jay Ahmed Story

When I first met Mo, I told him ‘my shoulder hurts’.

He took one look at me and said ‘your right one’. At the time, I was amazed at how he could have possibly known which shoulder it was.

He proceeded to explain how he knew, and why I was experiencing pain. He did this with only a brief explanation and a quick look, and after working with him for only a week I knew that his assessment was correct.

Further, his unique education is what makes him so phenomenal at what he does. He has knowledge about anatomy, physiology, and even psychology that goes beyond what any doctor, let alone trainer, has at their disposal.

He also happens to be one of the most genuine people I know, and his only goal in being a trainer is to help people in any and every way that he can. He forms connections with his clients that make them fiercely loyal, and is there for them whenever they need him no matter what he has going on in his personal life. I have met many of Mo’s other clients, and some of them have even said that Mo has changed their life. I would be lying if I said that he hadn’t changed mine.

Not only did he relieve a lot of my pain, but he has taught me so much about how to manage it on my own. He has also taught me so much about anatomy, diet, exercise, mindfulness, stress relief, the list goes on – and I have experienced only positivity from implementing his advice into my life.

Allison Cazalet Story

I am a five-time Ironman finisher who has definitely had my share of injuries – and DEFINITELY have my share of doctors, massage therapists, etc. for every sort of ailment suffered after high-mileage, high-intensity training.

This summer, I injured my back during a crazy cycling trip in Europe. After returning home, I literally went to every doctor and therapist imagineable and tried everything (accupuncture, chiropractic, traditional physical therapy 2-3 a week, trigger-point massage, etc.) I even went to a spine specialist at Emory Spine Center for an MRI and injections – and nothing helped.

At the advice of a friend, I finally visited Mo – literally at the end of my rope. By that point, I was convinced that I had some crazy undiagnosed bone cancer or chronic pain condition that I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life.

Suffice it to say that Mo is a miracle worker. After the first session, I was significantly better … and by the third sesson, I was basically pain-free.

Not only did he relieve the pain — but he has realigned muscles that I feel certain were not working properly for 10+ years. In the few months that I have been working with him, I have taken a full minute off of my run pace because of him helping my muscles work/fire more appropriately.

Lisa Rossetti Story

By sheer fate, I was introduced to Mo through a mutual friend Doug Kruep who had gone through a similar high speed rearing, broken back, and well over a year of debilitating pain. Upon his urging, and generous covering of my first visit, I walked into MO/RE Movement and Mo. Admittedly skeptical since the whole of the medical community in Atlanta (orthopedic, nuero, traditional PT, chiropractic, and even accupuncture, and every pain management procedure under the sun) had not been successful in touching the blinding pain I’ve been in. I was close to giving up and accepting a life of pain and loss of hope for the active lifestyle I had lived prior to 3/17/16. In one week/just 3 sessions, Mo has given me more relief and hope than all the medications and procedures of the last 14 months. I still am in constant sharp pain, but it’s contained to a smaller area, and more important, have hope. Loss of hope can tear you apart. Thank you so much Mo for all you have, and will continue to do, thank you Doug for the introductory session, and thank you MO/RE Movement for not accepting that there isn’t a solution, for giving a damn, for saving my life!

Alex K Story

After working 35 years in the dental profession, I realized that the daily pains of my body were not improving. After careful evaluation and subsequent treatments — with home exercises tailored to my needs — Mo Khan has been able to greatly improve the quality of my life. Proper body Alignment — which includes both postural awareness and body therapy, but also strengthening the muscles that maintain this is essential. Sounds easy; however, a trained observer is essential in diagnosis. Finally, there are some body parts that need active therapy to restore them to healthy function.

Jonathan W Story
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