How we differ from everyone else in the industry?

No one solves the root issue because they either don't know how or are more concerned with your repeat business than your wellbeing. The pain management industry is shot! Most physical therapists are taught outdated knowledge and are usually more versed in medical codes for insurance reimbursement than fixing physical dysfunctions.

Don't even get us started on the chiropractic industry. The entire industry is built on a lie -- the fact that spinal protrusions will cause pain throughout the body is scientifically inaccurate. Ask yourself, have you *ever* gotten permanent relief from a chiropractor? The answer is no, b/c it is biologically impossible to unwire deep rooted myofascial dysfunctions by simply *forcing* an adjustment in the spine. Not only is this ineffective, it's dangerous! Squeezing every dollar out of you is the industry's goal. There's no nicer way to put it.

When you're given just enough pain relief with a promise of an eventual fix sometime in the future, you're more inclined to swallow their bullshit. Something of this nature is what you will never experience at MM. Our genuine hope is to fix you once and for all and move onto the next person. We hope 5 years from now we're getting Christmas cards from you, and not just a revenue stream from your repeat business.

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