What is ReAlignment?

Simply put, it is the holy grail of pain management and corrective movement.

Pain Reduction
Lower Stress
Improved Circulation
Better Aesthetics
Increased Flexibility
Decreased Body Fat
Increased Muscle Mass
Greater Vitality

It's a potent dose of advanced body therapy combined with ReAlignment techniques (re-learning movement the way nature intended).

The body therapy is performed in order to first unwire the deep dysfunctions accumulated in soft tissues (as myofascial distortions) that are probably causing you significant physical pain, or discomfort due to immobility.

After the body therapy, we initiate the re-learning of proper evolutionary movement at a deep foundational level.

This re-learning, or neuromuscular re-education, is an absolute must if we are to make holistic and permanent changes in our bodies.

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Success Stories

He also happens to be one of the most genuine people I know, and his only goal in being a trainer is to help people in any and every way that he can. He forms connections with his clients that make them fiercely loyal, and is there for them whenever they need him no matter what he has going on in his personal life. I have met many of Mo’s other clients, and some of them have even said that Mo has changed their life. I would be lying if I said that he hadn’t changed mine.

Allison Calazet

Mo’s realignment system includes one on one training and education that my mind and body desperately needed. The answers to so many of my physical ailments that doctors could not fix, Realignment came in and resolved so many, if not all my problems.

Jay Ahmed

Suffice it to say that Mo is a miracle worker. After the first session, I was significantly better … and by the third sesson, I was basically pain-free.

Lisa Rossietti

I was close to giving up and accepting a life of pain and loss of hope for the active lifestyle I had lived prior to 3/17/16. In one week/just 3 sessions, Mo has given me more relief and hope than all the medications and procedures of the last 14 months.

Alex K

After careful evaluation and subsequent treatments — with home exercises tailored to my needs — Mo Khan has been able to greatly improve the quality of my life.

Jonathan W

Our Story

MO/RE Movement is based upon Mo Khan's struggle in fixing his own mind & body, which he terms the ReAlignment journey. Suffering from debilitating physical pain in his 20s, he was forced to find the answers himself as no one he came across had the holistic solution a pain free life. He taught himself many different disciplines in relation to the body / mind and eventually ended up creating this revolutionary system for helping people get pain free with a life that is full of health and vitality without the use of any drugs and in many cases surgery!  A big promise, yes. But Mo's ReAlignment system delivers wonderfully in all aspects of drug-free pain management.

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It's our experience that other professionals treating pain are not truly motivated to fix you, whether its physical therapists or chiropractors. Instead what is sought is repeat business from your physical ailments. This angers us greatly! Having gone through this ineffective process himself for years with frustrating results, Mo made it a mission of this Company to always put *people above money* and to always look for root causes that *fix people*, not just another empty promise.

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